5 Car Gadgets to Make Driving Less Stressful


While driving can be fun and exciting, it can sometimes be a stressful experience due to traffic slow-downs thanks to the increased amount of vehicles on the road and other circumstances. You may also find sitting behind the steering wheel a daunting task if you have to drive for many miles or in harsh weather conditions like in the rain, snow, and so on. Fortunately, technology has brought forth some gadgets that can make driving less stressful, safer, and even more memorable.

Here are some of the car gadgets that can make driving less stressful:

Griffin iTrip with Aha

Do you want to enjoy listening to the radio and getting updates on weather and other things as you traverse through different regions? Well, Griffin iTrip is your handy gadget as it connects to your smartphone to enable you to listen to radio stations on FM frequencies. To make the gadget even more useful, it has teamed up with the Aha app from Harman. With the app installed, you have an unbelievable opportunity to tune into over 3,000 radio stations and listen to them through the sound system of your car. You can also configure the app to match your journey and keep you updated with points of interest and on weather and traffic matters.

Supertooth HD

This is a Bluetooth speakerphone with exceptionally high performance, and if the manufacturer’s word is anything to go by, it is twice or thrice powerful as any similar gadgets. The device comes in handy due to its voice-sensitive microphones and top-notch voice recognition software. With the software, you can perform a myriad of hands-free voice commands such as dialing, receiving, and declining calls. You can also make emergency calls and check the battery charge and your voicemail.

The best thing is that you can command the device to read your incoming SMS and email messages to you and send emails by dictating the message. You will also stay active on your social platforms as it can allow you to update your Facebook timeline as well as tweet while still driving. For reliable internet connectivity to allow you to use this gadget and others, you can have onboard Wi-Fi, which you can get from Eyeride, the best service provider of in-vehicle technologies. They can also provide bus TV, passenger counters, vehicle tracking systems, and many others.

Road Angel Gem

It is common to get on the highway and start driving at crazy speeds, right? Well, Road Angel Gem is your best friend. This handy little device alerts you of upcoming speed cameras and informs you of the speed limit in the area you are driving, so you can drive safely and not break local laws. This gadget has the most detailed and correct database of speed restrictions, speed camera points, black spots, and road hazards.

The device has another useful and unique feature, which is called eAssist. This is a specialized service that enables you to link and speak with an operator in case you are in trouble. Consequently, the operators assess your situation and engage the relevant emergency service to give you the most appropriate and rapid response.

Kensington Proximo

This gadget is made to be connected with an iOS smartphone with a sensor fob that can be tied together with your bag or car keys. If you leave them somewhere, the gadget alerts you by sounding an alarm. Moreover, you can discreetly place a sensor in your car to assist you with finding where it is parked, or if it is stolen, you will be in a better position to monitor its whereabouts.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

This is an inconspicuous gadget that you can plug into the OBD 2 port of your car for diagnostic functions. You can also use the device as a remote control when paired with a smartphone and the appropriate app. The remote control can help to remotely lock and unlock doors, monitor the speed and mileage, start the engine, and set up “geo-fences” that restrict the car to only travel within certain areas. The remote capabilities are critical for fleet cars, parents, and others who give out their cars and need to be sure that it is operated responsibly and within certain geographic confines.

All of the above car gadgets make driving more enjoyable and reduce the stress that comes with it. There are many others, and the users are the ones to choose those that suit them best or can help them as they desire. The innovations offer entertainment, route, and location guidance, warn on speeding, and reduce distractions like having to use hands to answer calls or operate the music system, thus enhancing safety.

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